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Sutton & Coldfield Open Show

Saturday 23rd ~February 2019 and we set off to Ryton on Dunsmore Nr Coventry to attend the Sutton Coldfield & District Canine Association Open Show. Not very often do we get put into the ring so late in the event but after checking the schedule and the club Facebook page it was set that Gordon Setters would be 2nd to last in the ring so with Summer, Autumn & Jago loaded into the Setter Taxi we set off a bit later and rocked up on site at about 10:30, After some chit chat with fellow Gordoners and viewing the other gundog classes we actually got into the ring just gone 15:00. Autumn and Jago were in first in along with another puppy bitch that had just turned 6 months, Autumn was up infant of the judge first and I was very pleased with her performance, next up was the younger puppy who moved really well too considering how young she was, a very enthusiastic little girl, next up with me watching eagerly was Jago, on the move Cari did a great job running him for her father and I really thought that he was going to get placed first but as it turned out the judge preferred Autumn and she was placed first with Jago second and the younger pup third.

only one dog in Junior and then it was Summers class of Post Graduate, she was in with four three others, on the run she wasn't keen with the floor surface as it seemed to be a bit slippy, Summer is normally great on the move but the floor surface made her a bit uneasy and she ended up being placed third, still a great result and I was very pleased with this.

Locksheath Princess Tiana (Autumn)

After the classes we were called back into the ring for the challenge with Autumn being awarded Best Puppy. as we were that much later entering our classes this meant the wait for the Gundog groups were only a few minutes after we were finished in the class. we watched the Best of Breed and then were called in for the best Gundog Puppy Group, again Autumn performed well but after shortlisting we were let go and the best group puppy was awarded to a very lovely Labrador.

The Rosettes of the day

It was a long day but worth the wait, a shame we didn't get placed in the puppy group but its all good experience for Autumn.

For the next Show News I will make sure I get pictures of Summer and Jago.

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