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Updated 22/10/2020

Summer & Louis 2020

All pups from this litter are living life to the full in their forever homes

Click Here to see some of the pictures we have received.

Louis (Locksheath Glengallan)
Locksheath True Baloo

Louis (Locksheath Glengallan)

Summer (Locksheath True Baloo)

Born on the 21st May 2020 We are so pleased with  this wonderful litter that Summer (Locksheath True Baloo) has had with Louis (Locksheath Glengallan).


At 4 1/2 years old, Summer is maturing superbly and has continued her progress in the show world and is consistently placed in almost every show she attends. she proved to be the most attentive mum with her last litter and this was taken into consideration when we started to plan this litter.  With the current global upset caused by the Covid 19 pandemic we were fortunate enough that Summer came into season early and we were able to continue with our plans just before the UK was placed into Lockdown, We had some obstacles to overcome especially with regards to vaccinations and scans but these were minor issues taking into consideration what the country and the world were now going through.


We chose Louis for several reasons, his temperament as he is absolutely rock solid, His construction and his build as Summer is petite and also his great health.  He has proven himself in the show world although he has now retired and living a very full and active life.


This litter comprised of 4 Dogs and 6 Bitches.  The Puppies were born 3 days early and were all a very good weight when born. All of the pups were born naturally over a labour period of 14 hours, Summer did find this very difficult and we did have some minor complications that were successfully dealt with at home with myself and Cari assisting Summer her with the whelping of the pups.  

This was Summer's second litter and it will be her last also as we feel that even though she is still young and very fit this was a bit of a struggle for her, also with the two litters she has had she has produced 22 puppies and we do not want to risk any complications that may arise by planning another litter with her.

The puppies gained  weight consistently, and were very active, they all have developed into wonderful dogs.

As with all the litters it is hard work but ever so rewarding, I still find it amazing at the speed that the puppies grow and develop, from the moment they are born and I hold them in my hand to check all is okay they are just so tiny, then in just a few weeks they are finding their feet and starting to explore themselves and their surroundings and before you know it they are venturing off into their forever homes.


We like to keep in touch with the new owners (without seeming like we are stalking them) and on the occasions we get to meet them and the pups it is for just the best, being able to see just how well they have progressed and how much pleasure they have brought into their owners lives.  I often look at the adults and can remember as clearly as if it was yesterday the day they were born.   All just so rewarding.

Click Here to see pictures of the pups from early days up to the days when they left us and will continue to update with pictures of Winter who stayed with us and of any of the pups that we receive new pictures of as they develop.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about this litter and hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and videos that I have placed below.

If you have any questions about our Gordon Setters please drop us a line here.

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