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MAY 2020
July has now passed and all of the pups have moved onto their forever homes. we can't believe that the weeks went by this quick as it only seems like they had just been born, we have received regular updates from their new owners which is nice and all the pups are coming along just fine.
We have been busy with the training of our little girls that we kept from the litter and that is coming along nicely. I am keen to start some Ringcraft training but non of our local clubs have started back yet so i will be practising on my own and asking family to go over the dogs to get them back into the swing of things.
Its going to be a long time before we get back to showing, although the restrictions and guidelines from the Kennel Club have been amended were still not going to get back to any shows starting for some time.
On the plus side all our girls are enjoying the extra attention they are receiving as I am still home working as much as possible and its nice to take a break and have a few games with them in between working.
So for another month our news is a bit short
So until next month Stay safe and well..
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