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APRIL 2020
It's been a strange month for us and everyone in the world as we suffer with the Coronavirus Pandemic.
I have held off from this news update as I didn't want to spill the beans about our planned litter.
All had been going well we had visited proposed stud dogs and chosen our Sire back in February. all that was required was to wait for Summer to come into season, she was late coming in and finally came in at the beginning of March, after carrying out the progesterone testing Summer was ready to mate, We were getting very nervous as the Covid 19 spread was becoming worse and we knew that the UK would soon be following other countries and enforcing a lockdown, luckily we were able to have a successful mating with our chosen Sire before the announcement from Boris Johnson was made and we were no longer able to travel freely.  our next issue arose when I tried to get Summer booked into the vets for her Herpes vaccination, as part of the precautions all vets were taking guidance from the government and the BVA and they were now only taking emergency appointments and vaccinations were not under this category.  It was decided that although there was a risk involved we hoped that Summer would have some of the antibodies remaining from the last vaccination to give her enough protection and to pass this to the pups, we had no other choice.  Cari my wife is self employed and her work stopped immediately, my work stopped I was placed into Furlough by the company I am currently working for.  One thing is for sure and that is that our girls are loving the fact that we have both been home at the same time and it will be a shock to them when our split shifts get back into full swing.
I am going to end this month short as to be honest as everything has stopped I don't have any further news to post.  I will post again in May but I feel that news will be short this month also.
We hope all who read this are staying safe and well and continue to do so.
Written by K Whiting 
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