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March 2021​
Well Where do I start, its been such a long time since I updated the news pages on our site and although I have said this before I really am going to make a conscious effort to keep this updated monthly.  I subscribe to the Our Dogs paper that comes through weekly and always look forward to reading the breed notes for our breed and the column is updated every week by Kathryn Wrigley who does a great job on this, so if Kathryn can update us weekly I am sure I can manage once a month.
Our Puppy Winter has come on in leaps and bounds and is currently the same size as her half sister, she is such a character, although all of our girls have their own unique  traits Winter is the so easy going and affectionate, if she comes up to you and sits so you can stroke her chest (She loves this) she gets so relaxed that she falls over backwards, its so funny.  she is still very leggy at the moment but seems to be filling out niceley, and we are hoping to get her into som shows soon.

So until next month

Stay safe and well..
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