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MAY 2020
I am trying to fill some gaps on the website.  The month of June has been particularly busy, the Pups are doing incredibly well and are gaining weight.  Their eyes have opened and we have started the weaning process. each of the puppies unique characters are starting to show one of the boys is hyperactive and sleeps a lot less than the others and will often be found charging about the pen while the others are snoozing, unfortunately the pups did pick up a gastro infection that led to sickness and diarrhea which meant a trip to the vet and their first experience in a vehicle, all ended well and this was resolved swiftly.
we still have no dog shows to attend and shows planned for September onwards are being cancelled as the uncertainty of the Covid situation still looms ahead of us, I had booked a coouple of shows in Germany but don't think that these will be going ahead either as the travel restrictions are still in place and I don't think they will be lifted soon. 
So with not much more to report I am leaving this month short.
Stay safe and well.
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