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I know I have failed in keeping these news pages up to date, but I will try to keep on top of the site from now on.  If anyone notices a lack of updates then please feel free to give me a nudge by sending me a message.
This month we focus on the Summer - Louis  litter Birthday Party.

With each of our litters we hold a first year birthday pawty for the pups.  this years pawty should have been held in May 21 but due to the restrictions we postponed until the 20th of June and hoped that the proposed restriction changes would go ahead. 
Cari hand-made all the invitations and we had replies from all with only one of the pups unable to attend, this was great as some of the pups live some distance from us so we were thrilled they could all attend.  Cari then set to making plenty of home made dog treats for the pups and the other dogs that would be coming, we had Tuna Paw bites, Carrot & Pea Setter biscuits, Cheese paws.  Apart from the Tuna paw bites all the treats were taste tested for approval not by the dog but myself.  Cari also made sure the hoomans were well catered for and we had so much on board the setter bus that we had to transport some of the girsl in the smaller dog van.
Locksheath Gordon Setter Cari
Locksheath Gordon Setters Puppy Party 2021
So with the Setter Bus loaded with goodies and some of the girls we headed off to the venue to set up.  it wasnt long before our guests arrived and we had 9 1 year old pups and  dogs all charging around like mad things,  the large puddle on in the field proved to be a hit as did the small pond.  After looking at the forecast we thought that although overcast it may stay dry and apart from one heavy down pour it did, no matter what the weather the dogs loved every minute.  We had to supervise the snack areas especially where our older English Setter is very food orientated she is much wiser and sneaky.
Heading 6
These puppy parties are just great, it gives the owners a chance to meet up with the owners of all the litter siblings and we find that the pups are the perfect ice breaker for starting conversations, it  is never long before all the owners are in full conversation talking about the main thing they now have in common.  But for us as the breeders we use this time to see how the pups are doing and to dicuss the dogs in general but most of all for me I just love to see so many Gordon Setters in one place running about mixing with the older dogs and interacting with all the people.

Now I dont know the facts behind this but I am sure the pups remember us as the breeder, especially Cari,  the pups instantly recognised the voices im sure, on top of this it was clearly obvious that as each of the pups arrived Summer their mum, went straight over and gave them a good going over, checking them out to see how they were, I am sure she recongnised them as their own.  I like to believe that this is what she was doing either way.
Locksheath Gordon Setter Swimming
Despite the weather not being its best we did manage to capture a group picture of all the pups and the owners together and we know from the messages from the guests after they had arrived home that the pups had an amzing day and were completley shattered.

My only disappointment was I failed to get any real good pictures of the pups.  I will focus on this for the next party or at least I will try. I do have other pictures and some video too that I will make into a video and post on our new Youtube channel soon.  I will place a link on the latest news page when it is available.

I would like to that this day was the best day of the year for both Cari and myself we enjoyed it the most im sure but it could have been possible without all those that made their travels to attend (of which some were many miles) and as such we both would like to say a huge thank you to all.

We will continue to have these puppy parties and of course we will look forward to planning the next whenever that may be.

Until next month.
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