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We do not have any planned litters currently.  Watch this space for updates or drop us a line here for more information


A Little Bundle of Joy

About our Breeding.

We take great care and planning when we decide to have a litter.  Great temperament and positive health in our puppies are our priority.

Both Dam and Sire that are to be selected will have been tested using DNA testing relevant to this breed and will always include the testing for PRA and other associated tests, in addition, we ensure that they have been X-Rayed under the BVA scheme in the UK or the FCI Scheme if from outside the UK, this year we have started to test our latest generation with additional DNA testing and more details on what these are and why we have carried these tests will be explained upon inquiry.


I can remember back to  many years ago when we decided to bring a puppy into our home and the naivety of being a puppy purchaser, not knowing what to ask and what to check for when looking for puppies.  We encourage prospective purchasers to ask as many questions as possible no matter how trivial you may think they are.  a responsible breeder will welcome this.  We will always have the Dam at home with the pups, we will have all relevant testing details of both dam and sire to provide to you and explain their findings, and we will always ensure the pups are in clean comfortable whelping areas.  


We are passionate about Setters and we want the best outcome for all puppy  that leave our care. full information will be provided with the puppies when they move onto their forever homes along with details of the life time support we provide.  We understand that life can bring challenges and changes to circumstances and we are always on hand to help and assist where we can, If we can't help directly we have a great group of friends whom we can call on for additional support or answers to any questions we can't provide directly.  If you would like further information of this loving loyal breed please contact us or use the Links page for further information.



As stated above all of our puppies are raised with care in our home to ensure that they get the best possible start in life, socialised, and get to meet a variety of people and our adult dogs. When they leave us they are ready to go out and "investigate" the big world. and live life to the full.
I provide a comprehensive puppy pack consisting of: 

  • Contract of Sale-

  • Kennel Club registration

  • 5 Weeks free insurance

  • A certified four generation pedigree

  • Our raising a puppy, 'Hints and Tips' document, packed with loads of useful information on bringing your new pup up, including advice on feeding, worming, exercise, behaviour/socialisation.

  •  2.5kg bag of puppy food

  • A desensitisation A CD - 'Sounds For Life' which helps with too sudden noises.

  • A sample of their bedding.

  • A gundog whistle, when they leave us they are trained to come to the whistle as we use a whistle when it is feeding time.

I am an active member of The British Gordon Setter Club, the club has produced this handy Puppy Buyers guide. 

Please click on the file below to view and download.

Puppies are a full time, as well as a lifetime commitment and Gordon Setters can live up to 14 years and beyond so do consider if this is the right breed for you and that you have the time to exercise & patience for training. Please let us know why you think this is the right breed for you, as well as a short resume of your family life, work commitments & previous dog ownership if any. We can then get a better picture as to how a puppy could fit into your household.


Please Click Here to see the most recent litter page for more pictures of the parents and the puppies as they are growing up.

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