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MAY 2020
As I write the news for this month the UK is gradually starting to relax the lockdown measures as the rates of infection and deaths decline.  But we find ourselves entering into a very different way of life as Social Distancing and the use of PPE becomes the norm.  I have now been home working and have quite enjoyed the social restrictions, Cari has been cooking lots of fantastic meals and we have saved an absolute fortune by not using our vehicles and being social.  I have missed my favourite hobby that is dog showing. unfortunately I do not see a return to this for 2020 as gatherings of people in this form will not be advised for many months yet.  I do however have amazing news to pass on that has certainly brightened our moods and that is the birth of 10 wonderful puppies comprising of 4 Dogs and 6 Bitches from our Summer (Locksheath True Baloo) with Louis (Locksheath Glengallan).  I have posted on our Puppy page (Click Here) a bit more info about the litter and will continue to update with pictures as time permits.
Again I am keeping this months news short  but I will keep our puppy page and our Instagram account updated with the pups progress.
I hope all are staying safe and well as we are hopefully beginning to pull through the Covid Pandemic and I look forward to being able to post positive news for the next month 
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